P&G skills I’ve used in my first two weeks

We started our business two weeks ago, and it’s been an action-packed adventure since day one. We’ve accomplished the following:

•Packed up all our stuff in New York and Cincinnati and drove to Denver
•Created an investor pitch deck
•Figured out who we want to design our service for
•Identified the benefit and primary life insight we need to design against
•Picked a brand name and company name (story for a later post)
•Built a prototype website for consumer testing
•Created a foundation for our company including tenets, mission, success criteria and more
•Interviewed over 50 people we’ll serve

I would not have made this much progress this quickly without the P&G experiences I’ve accumulated over the past 8 years. Below are the skills I have reapplied thus far:

•Creating and testing a service proposition concept and then quickly knowing what to optimize based on feedback from people we’ll serve
•Understanding how to do consumer testing including knowing what questions to ask and what success looks like in concept testing
•Utilizing the creative “gut” P&G gave me to quickly sense what will and will not resonate with the people we’ll serve
•Designing a service by reapplying P&G’s product design model (i.e. DEPTH model) to more clearly identify what benefits and features matter and which are non-value adding
•Certainly the most challenging of them all has been creating relevant human insights that will inspire the creation of a disruptive service and breakthrough communication
These are skills that can take many years to master and in some cases luck to be exposed to the right mentors who truly have mastered it. Usually the people that truly understand the skills in a large company are the minority, so continue to network till you find the right person. If you’re in an organization that provides the related opportunities, I would definitely “lean-in” and find ways to sharpen your understanding since it’s more challenging to accomplish the above items when transitioning to a new industry.